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16 Unique Halloween Costumes for Babies

16 Unique Halloween Costumes for Babies

Gone are the days when kids simply threw on a black rubbish sack, and carried around a broomstick from the Pound Shop as their Halloween costume! Instead, we want people to swoon over how adorable our children look in their unique, and creative Halloween costumes. So to get you started, we’ve rounded up the best – (and cutest!) – homemade costumes for Baby’s first Halloween. Check them out below!

1. Little Old Lady

We love how these darling little girls are totally transformed into mini-grannies with the addition of two simple props:
(1) A beanie hat completely covered with glued on cotton wool balls; and
(2) A pair of light-weight specs attached to a string of pearls.
Pure genius!

You can even go one step further and add a homemade zimmer frame made out of PVC piping and tennis balls!

Photo credit: Pinterest and Costume Works

2. Grandpa from UP

I’m a massive fan of Disney – and this costume just makes me smile so much! Transform your little boy into seventy-eight year old Carl Fredricksen (the Grandpa from Disney’s UP!) with a cute little outfit and glasses, some colourful helium balloons and a pvc-piping/tennis ball zimmer frame!

Photo credit: My Modern Met

3. Biker Baby

This is what happens when you put a man in charge of dressing up baby! To get this look at home, you could find a Harley Davidson transfer online and iron it onto a black vest, or shirt with the sleeves cut off. Add a pair of jeans, a bandana, a drawn-on moustache (just don’t use a permanent marker!), and tattoo to finish it off! I can just picture him scooting around on his little tricycle causing havoc!

Photo credit: Reddit

4. Mummy’s Little Prisoner

How perfect is this little costume for newborns! If you can’t find an orange outfit to use, you could always die a onesie and trousers orange (bonus: can also be used after Halloween for everyday wear). Add a black hat and socks, and make a custom ‘mugshot’ sign out of black fabric, and white fabric paint so baby is kept nice and comfortable.

Photo credit: Costume Works

5. Oompa Loompa

This is one for you crafty mums out there! You can choose to dye baby’s hair with some wash out colouring, or use a green wig. Orange face paint, and some white eyebrows really make this outfit pop. How long do you think the bar of chocolate as a prop will last?

Photo credit: Pinterest

6. Fluffy Chicken

Just look at those chicken feet!! Nobody will be able to resist cuddling your baby in this ridiculously fluffy chicken costume. Follow the link below for a Martha Stewart tutorial.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

7. Little Lamb

Who said little lambs only appeared during Spring? Cute and cuddly, just like your baby…guaranteed to be the cosiest costume of the night.

Check out the link below for another Martha Stewart tutorial.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

8. Harry Potter

You probably already have a ‘smart’ little outfit in baby’s closet to add these props too. If you can’t knit, don’t worry – you can always pick up a harry potter style scarf on eBay for very little. Add some round-rimmed plastic glasses (tip: you can pop out the plastic lenses), and don’t forget the lightning scar! Optional extra = magic wand for baby to cast spells with.

Photo credit: Love and Lion

Here are some ideas for all you baby-wearers out there!

9. Popcorn Baby

Isn’t this the most precious little baby-wearing Halloween outfit! And all it requires is some red and white felt, a glue gun, some popcorn and a white hat for baby. The ‘wearer’ can dress up as the ‘Popcorn Seller’ with a white dress shirt, and bowtie (optional white hat).

10. Spider on a Web

It will take a little patience and creative genius to figure out how to make this spider web, but once you have mastered that, then the rest is sure to be a doddle! Not sure if I could carry this one off – I have a massive fear of spiders, and the furry texture of the spider is just too realistic looking for me to handle! Be prepared to instill fear in all the arachnophobes you encounter on the night!

This lady used a giant toy spider to attach to the baby carrier. Check out her instructions here.

11. Pikachu and Pokemon Ball

We couldn’t let this costume go un-noticed in light of the current Pokemon Go craze! Dress baby up in a cute Pokemon hat, and a little customised fabric covering your wrap will ensure you are bang on trend right now!

Photo credit: Pinterest

12. Alan and Carlos from The Hangover

This is possibly the most famous baby-wearing guy out there! If Dad wants to get in on the game, then this is definitely a costume he can’t say no to!

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

You could always incorporate baby’s stroller into their costume! Here’s a few ideas…

13. Poker Dealer

This little poker dealer hits us with a smile overtime! We love how smart the mini-dealer looks in his little bow-tie – he’s certainly here to do business! Cover some cardboard in green felt and decorate to look like a poker table -don’t forget to glue down those cards and chips!

Photo credit: Costume Works

14. Baby stuck in Arcade Game

What a fun idea!!! Follow the link below for instructions on how to make this costume. Your little one certainly won’t get bored with the amount of toys to play with in there!

15. Cabbage Patch Doll

Why not turn your baby into a real-life doll for Halloween. Isn’t she just the cutest little thing! Such a fun idea and the decorated box just brings this costume to a whole other level, don’t you think?

Follow the link below for tutorial on how this costume and box was made.

Photo credit: I Wish I Was A Keener

16. The Flinstones

Any of the Flinstones characters would make a great halloween costume for your child – you can even get the whole family involved. Get creative and adapt your baby’s stroller to resemble a stone age car with a some foam, white material, and some pool noodles. Check out these links for some inspiration!

We’d love to see your baby’s halloween costume! Send us your pics to [email protected] or upload them in the Disqus Comments section below.

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